I am happy to share that this coming Saturday, October 6, I will be participating in the Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Arts Council annual benefit exhibition 6X6NW. The theme of the show is that all pieces are 6" by 6" and are for sale at $36 apiece. Medium and subject matter of the art is all up to the artist, and all ages are encouraged to participate. Proceeds from ticket sales and the sale of art goes to the Council.

For the show, I have painted six pieces, and my 13 year old daughter has painted one. She is very excited to be showing her art in public for the first time! It took a lot longer than I expected to choose a theme (why I always need a theme for my pieces I don't know - I guess it helps organize my thoughts) but I eventually settled on horses. I had a couple of my own photos to work from, but a good friend of mine (Amy Spivey) in Texas who owns several horses and takes beautiful photos offered up some of her work as inspiration.

I originally planned on submitting ten pieces, but after a few false starts, and pieces that just didn't pan out, I ended up with the following six. I'm happy with them! I hadn't drawn horses for a long time, but after riding this summer for the first time in several years I was ready.

My daughter entered this piece, which is a Velociraptor - one of her favorite subjects!

We hope to see you there on Saturday!

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