A Look Back at Inktober 2017

Last year I was introduced to Inktober for the first time. Inktober was the brainchild of Jake Parker, illustrator. The idea behind the event being that for the 31 days of October you draw something every day. After you draw your piece, you are then encouraged to share it on social media. That's all there is to it! No judgment, just art practice and lots of inspiration. There are official prompt lists circulated each year, but along with the "rules" Inktober only works if you're personally invested and therefore they are all just suggestions to get the creative juices flowing.

Last year I participated by following along with the prompt list, but added my own theme to it. I went for Harry Potter scenes based on the prompts. I drew inspiration from my own knowledge of the books and movies, and settled on a list of scenes, characters, and quotes to illustrate. I went straight into each drawing with pen only, so some of the entries didn't turn out quite as perfectly as I had hoped. It was quite the fun challenge!

I think what I really gained from this experience was the bravery and trust in myself to just jump into art. I had no pencil to erase if I made a mistake, I had to put pen to paper and just go until it was done. Sure, some of these were not ideal end results, but looking back on my sketchbook I now have this great collection of work that I'm actually quite proud of despite the flaws.

If you have any interest in joining the fray this year, Inktober 2018's prompt list is already up for planning purposes! I'm still deciding on my theme. What will you draw?

You can follow along with my Inktober posts on my Instagram! Happy inking!

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