Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Back in May, I was hit by a surprise moment of inspiration. Out of seemingly nowhere I decided to venture outside of my comfort zone and paint a space vehicle...

By now, it must be clear that I have a soft spot for animals, which tend to be my main focus in my art. But it ought to be also as obvious how much I love certain aspects of pop culture. I realized just how fun it was to visit my favorite stories and characters when I joined Inktober back in October, with my Harry Potter themed sketchbook. Here and there in my other sketchbooks and just for fun I'd dabbled in other fantasy and scifi creatures, but never did I think I'd randomly decide to jump into vehicles.

You see, my family is full of hardcore Star Wars nerds. It is known. My living room is adorned with fan art and movie posters. I have a large shelf full of Star Wars Funko Pop vinyl toys. My husband and I have lightsabers capable of actual sparring. My son is named after a character from the books and comics. When a new Star Wars movie is announced, we are ecstatic. We haven't been disappointed yet. I was slightly unsure about the idea of a Han Solo movie, however. How would some new actor fill the shoes of the iconic Harrison Ford? Well, as May 2018 approached, and trailers kept coming in, I got more excited. And for some reason the idea of painting the Millennium Falcon began to percolate.

I didn't really intend to sit down and just start the thing, but on May 4, also affectionately known as Star Wars Day, I decided to put A New Hope on as I did some art. Little did I know that I would sketch out the Falcon and begin a large size watercolor painting of her flying through the galaxy.

I was a little nervous attempting something so recognizable and loved for the first time, and not to mention I was outside of comfort zone with size as well. I've done some larger paintings, but none outside of a guided class. I didn't know what to expect, but in the end I was quite proud of my work.

I posted the piece on social media, mentioning casually that it would be "up for sale soon." Within minutes a long time friend of mine from high school called "DIBS!" on the piece and we got to talking. Yep - no fooling - he was interested in actually purchasing the thing from me! I was kind of flabbergasted. I expected to end up hanging the piece in my living room.

Today I delivered the final product to my friend in Seattle. We exchanged shiny coins for the Falcon over Carribbean food. We made the decision to not wait 20 years to see each other in person again, but I think I ought to also decide to not wait to do more fun pieces outside of my comfort zone. Maybe I need to do a blue police box next...

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