2017 Wrap Up and Looking Ahead

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my site! This year has been an interesting one! I am so grateful to have been given this life changing opportunity to focus on art and teaching as a career. It has been so fun! My students are wonderful, and I'm learning so much from them. I'm grateful for my students' families as well, as they are flexible as I settle into this whole art teacher role. I'm finding my groove; what works for my students, and what works for my family. I think I'm getting there!

My preschool classes are a great opportunity for little ones to be exposed to messy art materials somewhere that their busy parents don't have to clean up! Their experimenting has been a joy to witness.

The kids I've had in my family class are so fun as well. Being a little older it means I can push the learning. I've been exposing them to art history and science as well as art techniques to play with. So fun.

I've been really enjoying teaching Girl Scouts Potter Workshops as well! What a blast these classes have been! 

And lastly I'm grateful I've been able to also attend art classes while teaching. They are helping me keep my practice up and hone my skills. I've also gained some inspiration for my own classes! 

I'm looking forward to the upcoming new year where I get to share new experiences with my students! 

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